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chrome bumpers & chrome plating chrome bumpers & chrome plating chrome bumpers & chrome plating chrome bumpers & chrome plating chrome bumpers & chrome plating chrome bumpers & chrome plating
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by Kelowna Electroplating

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Our Process

What Makes Us Better

At Big Chrome Bumpers by Kelowna Electroplating it's all about the quality of our products and service, and we make every effort to ensure that both are second to none.

We are fortunate to have dedicated, highly experienced technicians - some who have been with us for decades - who take great pride in the work they do and in every bumper that leaves our plant.

Have you ever wondered just what it takes to make your truck bumper? Take a minute and follow the process:Big Chrome Bumpers - grinding chrome bumpers

Big Chrome Bumeprs - chrome bumper weldingIt all starts with each bumper being manufactured to exact specifications to ensure a perfect fit on your truck. No stamping here. Every bumper is laser cut, bent and welded by technicians. Each bumper is then inspected for accuracy of all mount holes, light holes, tow pin, vents, etc.

The bumper is then placed in a bath that chemically strips and cleans it of all impurities. Once the bumper has passed initial inspection it moves into our polishing area. Here theBig Chrome Bumpers - new bumpers bumper undergoes a series of progressive sanding and polishing operations using state of the art equipment to achieve the smoothness that will give it that beautiful mirror finish after plating.

After another thorough inspection it's time for the plating line...

After going through multiple hot cleaner and rinse tanks to ensure any impurities have been removed, the bumper goes into a bath of semi-bright nickel, followed by a bath of bright nickel. The double nickel plating is the most important procedure to ensure durable corrosion resistance. The bright nickel is anodic to the semi-bright and protects it by spreading the corrosion forces laterally instead of allowing them to penetrate through to the base steel.

Big Chrome Bumpers - plating chrome bumpersA final bath in the Chrome tank, multiple water rinses and the bumper is sent for final inspection and finishing.

For added longevity, the entire face of the bumper is masked off and a technician applies an anti-corrosion spray to the inside to protect from rusting due to moisture, dirt, and rock chips from the front tires.

The masking is removed and the bumper is thoroughly cleaned and aBig Chrome Bumpers - shipping chrome bumpers final check is performed to ensure it meets all quality standards.

Each bumper is then wrapped in an impact and scratch-resistant foam cover, sheathed in a weather-proof poly wrap, and placed in a wooden crate ready for shipment.

Our ability to inspect for quality through this entire procedure assures us, and you, that our products are the best in the industry.


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