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  • We just need your shipping address and we take care of everything from there. Arranging a carrier and all necessary paperwork for shipping and customs is taken care of by us. 
  • Your quoted cost will be to your door with no extra costs on your end.
  • All our bumpers ship in a wooden crate to eliminate costly shipping damage.

Whit Log Trailers

Email Logo 2 Kelowna Plating has worked with us since 2000, making sure our bumpers are always built and finished to the highest quality standards. They provide fast quotes, competitive prices and are able to build just about any heavy duty bumper configuration that our customers need. In the logging industry, our products need to stand up to the most challenging environments and we are happy that the bumpers we buy from Kelowna Plating meet this demand”

Brett Whitaker - General Manager - Whit-Log Trailers - Roseburg, Oregon